Proof Alex Jones Is a Shill 100% Confirmed

04 Aug 2022

like a said before alex jones is a shill, actor/royal and his real name is prince gustav from denmark. research if you're awake and don't fall for these gatekeepers puppets.

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Mike Savage
Mike Savage 10 days ago

Eh... There's theory he is actually a wrestler from back in the 80's that died...
#Bill Hicks.
Let's keep in mind that Info Wars is owned by Time/Warner which is owned by Ted Turner, an elitist. ?

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Mark Alan King
Mark Alan King 12 days ago

FTM tranny jew jones is a disgrace ..... why he jones not featuring all those destroyed from the jew juice vax

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AhatiMaat 13 days ago

a JEW shill

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Whatamess 13 days ago

Dog and pony show

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