Promoting irrational fear, hiding history, censorship & obedience conditioning 4 slaves. Episode

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
04 Apr 2021

On this video John Leckrone discusses irrational fear as well as the things we truly should be concerned about. History is being hidden in so many ways and those of us who are sharing it are being censored because of it. We are being conditioned to be good little slaves and to do what our corporate masters tell us to do. The dystopian hell of the global economic reset is coming into full power. Technocracy and corporatocracy are the name of the vulture capitalism game.

The slaves are starting to wake up and many are being dealt with in a unique fashion which is leading to their early demise. The future is dangerous and deadly my friends. Do not look at the wrong thing as a distraction.Do not fall for the divide and conquer strategy being promoted. Keep informing people as best you can what is really going on. While many will ignore your warnings some truly are waking up to so very much and are looking for the answers to many of their questions.

The X-Files takeover of America.

Being an accessory to mass murder and genocide.

The crime syndicate outing itself. They put their agenda in your face all the while mocking us.

The population reduction forecast by Deagel.

My video on the 134 crimes committed every day by agents of government.

The high treason of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Qanon told you to trust the plan video I did.

Why government agents can kill you like a rabid dog.

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Eyeinsky73 19 days ago

I studied and researched this in 1990. I told people in 1998 about what is happening, and they told me I was nuts.

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John Leckrone
John Leckrone 19 days ago

The propaganda and programming are real. Trying to break someone from that problem takes time. If they are not open to the conversation then it will never happen. Lies are much easier to believe in then the truth. We have to continue to try to tell people and accept it when they don't want to hear from us "conspiracy theorists" (read conspiracy analysts). Thanks for your commentary.

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