President Trump Interview August 30 2021

31 Aug 2021

⁣t's not surprising no one has been fired for the debacle in
Afghanistan. These people stole an election. They're not accountable to
the public. They're not accountable to anyone. We won't get
accountability for Afghanistan until we get accountability for November
3, 2020 Election!

"This is the greatest humiliation in the History of our Country" - President Donald J. Trump

"We had the strongest Border in the History of our Country. Now we
have 8 months later we have the weakest Border, by far, in the History
of our Country. We don't even have a border, actually" - President
Donald J. Trump

"I am extremely proud of what I've done. At the same time freedom and
choice, all of those things you have to have. You can't force people to
do it. You have people that for good reason, for their reasons, they
don't want to have it. I don't think you should be forcing them." -
President Donald J. Trump

"We have an evil corrupt media, it's corrupt as can be." - President Donald J. Trump

Source, One America's News Network

*For educational purposes.

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Whatareyou 2 months ago

Thank You President Trump! A Hero to children, whose voices, You Heard!

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Michellea 2 months ago

Hero ❤❤?????? !!! We need you back soooo bad

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gdcskates 2 months ago

drug dealers, child traffickers, and murders. ALL LIARS. you creatures will be hanged.

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