[Plasma] Moon Image Creates a mirror image of the Earth! It is even to scale?

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
16 Sep 2021

Moon Image Creates a mirror image of the Earth! It is even to scale?

Moon Map Details + Download - 'Vibes of Cosmos' Trailer

UNIversal DISClosure 2021 HD 3D.
The Most Interesting Video On Earth. Construct Of Reality?

The World Map Presentation Vol 1

The World Map Presentation Vol 2

Plasma Moon Presents : The Map of the Earth https://youtu.be/vOw_XL4iU5A

Μap of Flat Earth created by plasma moon image https://youtu.be/H6J4hv4bD3U

Which Leads us to:

Black Sun and Moon Phases Explanation


1. Flatworld on the moon / 00:00
2. Phenomeno and phases explained / 02:44
3. Cities of Flatworld / 05:40
4. Time Zones / 09:08
5. Latitude / 14:00
6. Plasma Moon Perspective Distortion / 16:19
7. Known Continents Mapping / 20:56
8. Uknown Lands / 34:34

Moon is focused electromagnetic plasma phenomeno and happens in ionosphere.

What we see on the moon is the flat earth anaglyph.
Transparents (black or blue, depents from time and the color of the sky) present LAND

Whites present WATER

Moon is not a solid object.

It is a focused plasma phenomenon.

Electromagnetic energy comes from bellow flat earth, every day with different angle.

Water is the electrolyte in this close battery system.
This electromagnetic field goes up and hits the inner side of the dome.
Then the dome reflects this magnetic field vertically in every place of it, and sent it back down.

This magnetic field that comes back down is focusing in Ionosphere in different altitude , that depends from the angle of the source bellow.
When the angle (water level – Magnetic field from bellow) is close to 90 rad , the inner reflection happens at highest part of the dome, so the reflection happens in bigger altitude in ionosphere.

The fluorescence happens in smaller altitude in Ionosphere, when the angle (water level – Magnetic field from bellow) is smaller or bigger.
That explains the moons phases.

The different altitude of this focused plasma phenomenon in Ionosphere, because of the continually and looped changing angle electromagnetic source bellow making moons phases.
Due to electromagnetism, it is the image of flat world in floor plan, mirrored top view.

Dark areas – transparent are the continents and the land of flat world and white areas the oceans.

When it goes into perspective, it’s image is getting distorted.
On Plasma Moon we can see cities, latitude, time zones of our Flatworld.

Also we can see mapping from all the continents, known and unkown...

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lest we forget the superior quality of Shane St Pierre's Channel.

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like this music 2 minute mark

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I think the music is custom made by the kid who made the video

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