Phil Schneider Lecture - November 1995 Denver, Co

07 Mar 2021

⁣‎⁣⁣Phil Schneider was the first person to my knowledge to educate the public on what adrenochrome is back in the early 1990s. Where adrenochrome comes from, what its used for and who is using it. If you havent seen Phil Schneider's lectures track them down and realize what he was talking about led us directly to the uncovering of the Deep State DUMBs, child trafficking and the darkest secret on who - or what - is exactly running the planet.You may think nothing makes sense on this planet and the 'people' in control are so stupid to do the things they do, dont they know they are destroying the planet's ability to support human life? It IS stupid, until you plug in....what if the 'people' running the planet are not people at all and not even human, and the changes to the environment that are so bad for us just may be more benificial to the existence of a lifeform thats not human at all....

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