Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
11 Jul 2021


"The people have spoken. I work for the people...I'm hearing from thousands of people every week...that we need to do something." ~ Senator Mastriano

One of the Pennsylvania State Senate committees formally announced it will be conducting a forensic investigation into the 2020 election. Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Pa.), who chairs that committee gives an update.

PA Voters, Call to Action:
- The president pro Tempore Senator Jake Corman is still not acting as an elected official. He not only refuses to see his constituents, but will not take phone calls, return voicemails, or take/return emails. This is not the way an elected official should act.
- The leadership need to know that we the people want a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT. Please continue sending NOTICES to both Senator Jake Corman and Senator Kim Ward.
- You can find the NOTICE and the instructions on our website under the volunteer tab (click on "help us send notices to Senators..."). Please email us at if you send one so we have an idea of how many are going out. Contact list:
- PA GA vows to obstruct voters call for a forensic audit of 2020 election. PA GA Shapiro calls Mastriano an insurrectionist for petitioning several counties for forensic audit. (projection101)

Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State and State AG Warn Philadelphia Not To Comply With Senate Authorized Ballot Audit, Senator Mastriano Responds

The Pennsylvania Department of State has issued a directive prohibiting county election boards from cooperating with the Senate's election audit. (PANIC IN DC 😎 )
- Elections officials may not turn over election material to third parties.
- Any equipment turned over to a third party cannot be used again in an election.
- The state will not reimburse counties for the cost of replacement equipment.
Full document:
Article: White House Announces Joe Biden Trip to Philadelphia to Fight Pennsylvania Senate Audit of Election Result

Audit vs Investigation: The Lawful Details

Dear Voters, from Seth Keshel on what you can do!
Seth Keshel's Analysis of Pennsylvania Voter Data: 6/6
"Read the tea leaves. The best way to solidify your own administration and simultaneously humiliate your Trumpian enemies is to lay the cards on the table in PA. Are you trying to tell me you don't know if your EIGHTY THOUSAND vote margin can hold up to an audit? Instead of doing this and letting us self destruct, Josh Shapiro, John Fetterman, Tom Wolf, and now Joe Biden are coming to make sure it doesn't happen. They know that Donald Trump carried Pennsylvania in the neighborhood of 300,000-400,000 votes, and they are revealing that by their actions. We will not be stopped." ~ Seth Keshel Former Captain Military Intelligence

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