pcr creator spreading actual science too bad hes dead

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
08 Apr 2021

What is the PCR Test (rebranded Covid test)
There is No test available for Covid

Let’s make it clear again; there is no test available for Covid!

The PCR "test" is used to test for “Covid.” is nothing new; it’s been around since 1993. It amplifies DNA to test for bacteria and virus counts in your body.

Sometimes called “molecular photocopying,” the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a fast and inexpensive technique used to “amplify” – copy – small segments of DNA. Because significant amounts of a sample of DNA are necessary for molecular and genetic analyses, studies of isolated pieces of DNA are nearly impossible without PCR amplification.

Often heralded as one of the most important scientific advances in molecular biology, PCR revolutionized the study of DNA to such an extent that its creator, Kary B. Mullis, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993.

Once amplified, the DNA produced by PCR can be used in many different laboratory procedures. For example, most mapping techniques in the Human Genome Project (HGP) relied on PCR.

PCR is also valuable in a number of laboratory and clinical techniques, including DNA fingerprinting, detection of bacteria or viruses (particularly AIDS), and diagnosis of genetic disorders.


It SHOULD NOT be used to detect pathogens for viral infections per its creator Kary Mullis. Of course that is EXACTLY what they claiming to use it for because it is a wonderfully adaptive tool which they can control by modifying the number of cycles used to amplify whatever sample they apply it to.

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society

Assertion: Positive RT-PCR test means being sick with COVID.
This assumption is misleading and incorrect. Very few people, including doctors,

understand how a PCR test works. Here is how it really works:

How does the PCR test work?

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society

PCR Fraud: Tests Recycled Into Lies 12.7

PCR Inventor Says Facui is “Not a Scientist”

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