⁣Palestine/STATE of Israel - This Isn't War It's Genocide

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
20 May 2021

⁣Palestine/STATE of Israel - This Isn't War It's Genocide


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4 months ago

This title says it all!
Palestine/STATE of Israel - This Isn't War It's Genocide
Depopulation of their first commandment of the Georgia guide stones is to control the world population at 500 million! This is incomprehensible to me :-( I need to research to see if the Koran has ever been translated into English. They can read our bible, so we should have the right to read their bible, which is the Koran! Then we can decide for ourselves with our own independent minds.

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Joshua S
Joshua S 4 months ago

I am no big supporter of Israel….. but this video is pure propaganda. The children part at least. That boy can’t close his eyes because of a condition not because of an Air Strike. That’s is absolutely ridiculous

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 4 months ago

FOr sure. But i think Israel is a terrorist. Im not convinced they even fired any missiles at Israel.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 4 months ago

I would say it shows the side the media ignores, embellished it may be lol

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