Pair bonding choices early in life versus later in life. Love, sex and relationships. Episode 156

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
04 Apr 2021

I consider this to be some of my very best work. This video is very balanced and nowhere did I see myself as bitter and hurt although some people will likely think that is the issue. Like I said in the video though, men and women think very differently about relationships. My X gave me her all for a couple of decades and I have a small army of young people to show for it. She served her highest purpose for me by being the mother to all of my babies. That is called winning! We had a really great run.

I Agree that there are 3 sides to every divorce in most cases. In our case it was she had left and I was fine with it which makes in only two sides! I was ready for a new chapter in my life just as she was. No hatred, no animosity, only two old friends whose goals and dreams had changed. I have always wanted the very best for my x and for her to be happy. I am here to tell you, nothing I was doing was making her happy anymore. Truthfully I was tired of trying because happiness must come from inside each one of us, not from other people.

The difference is the shoe is now on the other foot and I have all of the options as an alpha male with a very high SMV. This is especially true with so many beta men out there. Trust me when I say this, I did not cry over our parting of ways. On the contrary I knew it was the right thing to do. I do not color all women with the same crayon as one of my commentators stated. I color most women with the same crayon. I do know there are exceptions to the rule. Yet I also have 52 years of being on this planet and have been an advisor to a lot of men and women during that time.

Most women do fit the mold that I speak of in my video and thus are the rule. That is not me hating on women. It is me comprehending women's nature based on our societies norms and the crie syndicates endless amount of propaganda. This has damaged so many women and young people financially, psychologically and traumatically in far too many ways.If you have any specific questions just ask me to expound upon something and I will be happy to do so. I stand by this video and my commentary is 100% accurate based on real research and facts and history. It is how I see the world when my blinders are off.

I use common sense, logic, reason and critical thinking skills to see the real problems. I then comment on them in the hopes of changing a few people's perspectives for the better. The MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement did not come out of a vacuum. It was born from women using and abusing men and men choosing to no longer play the game anymore. Women have created this toxic environment with their feminazi narrative. They have made their choices and are now suffering for it as will all of the rest of us. My content is always controversial and truth does not care about your feelings. Coming from a position of knowledge and knowing truth changes one's perspective. When you don't care what people think of you then you are able to be honest. Sometimes honesty comes across as being hateful because people are not used to hearing truth put in their faces bluntly. They want it to be spoon fed to them so they can pick and choose. No!

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