Pac-Mania (1988) - Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Full Tape Rip / Cassette Load)

11 Jan 2022

New 8-BIT Micro Game Every Day!
The Silence at the beginning is supposed to be there.
Plug into your ZX Spectrum and play.
Full game load from tape. Works perfectly.
Works with ZX Spectrum using your phone plugged into it.
Alternatively record to cassette and play ZX Spectrum.
Make sure you set the correct volume!
To load on the ZX Spectrum type (Load "") without brackets, then play the video.
Alternatively use the tape loader on later ZX Spectrums.
Have fun on retro machines!


Pac-Mania is a variation on the game Pac-Man. You need to guide Pac-Man around a maze and eat all of the dots on the board in order to proceed on to the next round. Numerous, multi-colored ghosts also roam the maze trying to stop you. If you eat one of the power pellets in the maze, the ghosts will temporarily turn blue and run from you. Pac-Man can earn bonus points by eating the ghosts when they are in this state. The maze is now shown in isometric perspective and is larger than screen which will scroll to follow the action. To help get out of tight spots, Pac-Man now has the ability to jump. But be careful, because some of the ghosts have learned this trick as well and you could end up in a mid air collision!

Published by: Grandslam Entertainments Ltd.
Developed by: Namco Limited
Released: 1988
Also For: Acorn 32-bit, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Arcade, Atari ST, BREW, Commodore 64, Genesis, J2ME, MSX, NES, Sharp X68000, SEGA Master System, Wii, Zeebo
Genre: Action
Visual: Isometric
Gameplay: Arcade

Program Code by: Shaun Hollingworth, Peter Harrap (of Teque S.D. LTD)
Assisted by: James Tripp
Graphics by: Jason Wilson
Cover Artwork: Steinar Lund (as Stein)

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