Only Reason Graphene Oxide Is In The Vaxx Is To Kill You, Says Dr. Ruby

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Aimless News
12 Jul 2021

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Sources used in video:

Graphene Oxide is in vaxx to kill you -

That escalated quickly -

Lisbon court says 152 people died, not 17000 -

Bill Gates and patent 060606 -

16 uses for Gates patent -

Plane crashes happening with vaxxed pilots? -

and -

and -

and -

and -

We shut down the world for .04% -

New World Order announced in Australia -

Restaurant - $100 per person before you even order -

Central America loses power, 15 million people affected -

Odysee goes with free speech -

Door knocking script, these people are stupid -

Lewis & Clark latest cancelled by leftists -

Michigan AG must be worried -

Doggos, some like water, some don't -

Golf ball struck by lightning -

Glory days playground -

Steve Inman -

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Spirit 2 months ago

Actually they have been putting heavy metals in us for centuries. These alchemists are obsessed with this shit.

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TrevorDylan 3 months ago

This says that is not in the vaccine

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Aimless News
Aimless News 3 months ago

Fact checkers are more often than not fact blockers, truth blockers

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Spirit 2 months ago

Fact checkers are for dipshidiots. Dude. Go look up graphene oxide. The Spanish team La Quinta Columna put it under a microscope and found that it 99% of the vaccine but believe the fact checkers if you must lol

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