One Time For The Mind - Conscious Hip Hop Compilation ((432Hz))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
12 Oct 2021

this is kinda like a tribute to that mind over matter vibe, the truth seeking & speaking, the process of the evolving mind of one who commits their will power to break thru in higher levels of consciousness!

This is Protected.... by the Hermetic Seal.. or put differently, this is hermetically sealed.. The First Natural Law Principle: Mentalism, where everything that ever existed first came from the mind (of the creator or whatever one chooses to label god).

Remember when your mind was a sponge? It still is , it's just dried up cuz u haven't been watering it properly to soak up the good stuff.. gotta decalcify those fluoride deposits, remove those stubborn stains of ignorance, negative knowledge, and those know-it-all notions..

to really have a pure mind, one must go thru the destructive process of breaking down all the false paradigms they've been taught or told to believe.. this is the alchemical process of man or womb-man.. this is the individual inner work- the apophatic inquiry.. the alignment to truth and the calibration of your moral compass.. the best graphic info chart i've seen on this:

the trinity of thought interestingly parallels to the 3 brains/3 cognitive chakras in the body, as well as other synchronicities with three i imagine.. follow me for a sec..
Gut, Heart, Brain... sacral or solar plexus, heart, crown chakras... Thought, Emotion, Action.. the efficiency and effectiveness is complimented by the trivium: knowledge, understanding, wisdom- in this reality, which seems to be made up of time, space and matter.. anyway, getting on a tangent of fascinating concepts to contemplate.. That's just 1 time 4 the m1nd yo ;)

the mind is like an umbrella, it works when it's open

album art: everyone probably recognizes this picture used in countless memes in internet land.. this dude always puts a smile on my face- maybe not so much when folks write some ignorant shit on it tho.. reminds me of a flashback to the old skool freshness where knowledge of self was the name of the game.. that's what folks though was cool for a time.. that old skool era of rap full of self-expression, funky lessons and good vibes.. this mix reflects that feel to a degree...

is there any real hip hop fan that isn't familiar with these iconic lines?
well, at least the first 2- the others i kinda made up for kicks::
One time for the mind
Two times for the rhyme
Three times for the time
Four times for the grind
Five times for the find


Intro: Take an Inner Trip & Open Yo Mind Up!
Use My Mind - KA Zodiak
Mind Over Matter - Opoetik
Interlude - 1n a Time filled with rhymes we 4orce Minds to climb
A Beautiful Mind - Aceyalone & RJD2
Beautiful Mind (verse) - 3 Melancholy Gypsies
Mind Power - A Tribe Called Quest
Get On Down (to Natural Law's 1st Principle- All is Mind) - Kenny Dope (Mark Passio refix)
Spaceless - Bmac ft. eye V
4 Da Mind (Take Control of it) - Masta Ace Inc. & Souls of Mischief
Wait A Minute - Pep Love
Got My Mind Made Up Interlude - 2Pac
Mind Blowin' - The D.O.C.
Getyourmindright - Belief (Max Igan, Manly P Hall dub)
Health Wealth Knowledge of Self - Illuminati Congo ft. Sa-Roc
1 T1me 4 The M1nd 1ntermission
Elevation (Free My Mind) - The B.U.M.S.
Far Out - Crown Heights Affair
One Time For Your Mind - Motion Man ft. Gift of Gab
Trouble On My Mind - Blueprint
Too Much On My Mind - Leaders of the New School
The Mind - KRS-One
Mind Control - Bicasso
A Mind on a Ship Through Time - Panacea
One Time For Your Mind - Mindz I
Try to Read My Mind Remix - Plado
Train of Thought - Mic Geronimo
Mind Over Matter Outro - AwakenYaMind

Another one for the books- fresh for 2019

album art updated on pinterest:

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Arranged, Mixed & Produced in 432Hz in Sunny La Ciotat by Derek Bartolacelli


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