Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
31 May 2021

Why do you think we live on a spinning globe? This video will hurt your programmed beliefs. Beware
We know they will hide this video, we know they will throw in annoying ads (even though we always click do NOT monetize) we know this video will reach a certain amount of views, and then freeze, and we know they will do all in their powers to hide the truth. Yet, it's too late. The truth is out and spreading like the Government issued California wildfires. Sit back, relax, and watch Hibbeler Productions take One Shot at Redemption by shooting a truth bullet thru their ****ing heads. God bless.

⁣Hebbeler Productions 14 Video Playlist

0 LEVEL (2021) -
1 The Greatest Deception - 2019 Documentary - Hebbeler Productions
2 The Hunger Games 2020 Documentary By Hibbeler Productions
3 Psychological Operation The BLM SCAM - GEORGE SOROS PsyOP
4 Nine Eleven - 2019 Documentary (Banned on YouTube)
5 The truth in PLANE sight (2018 Documentary)
6 Look Up - 2020 Chemtrails Documentary
8 Michael Jackson Entering Neverland (Hibbeler Productions 2019 Documentary)
9 Five G - (2019 Documentary)
10 The PlanneDemic 2020 Documentary (Banned by Youtube)
⁣⁣11 Real Eyes Realize Real Lies (2018 Documentary) - Hibbeler Productions
⁣The Earth is NOT a spinning ball of water in "outer space". You just have to do the research, and you too will see, that the Earth being a stationary plane is not a conspiracy. Wake up and spread the truth! God bless you all!
Please help us keep this truth frequency a float.
Any donations will be greatly appreciated!
12 Force The Line - Hibbeler Productions
The ultimate experiment to practically prove the shape of the Earth would be a fixed permanent tangible construction demonstrating empirically in perpetuity the truth for all to test. Professional structural engineer and outspoken globe skeptic Brian Mullin has invented and outlined just such a structure in his Force the Line project.
Years ago after presenting this, Brian Mullin was bullied, threatened, and made to choose between ceasing his online activism and deleting his channel, or being fired from his job. With a family to look after and little support from the budding Flat Earth community, Brian chose the responsible thing for himself and his family, and his excellent work and ideas were tabled. Recently as the flat Earth community has continued to grow, however, there is a much renewed interest in Forcing the Line, and myself and many others would like to see this experiment set up in several places all over the world. One man currently taking the initiative to hopefully construct the first one is Scottish flat Earther, Chris Watson, also known as Flatty McFlatFace.
13 The Taste of LIFE - (2019 Documentary)
Everything we've been taught about the meat & dairy industry is a lie. If you're someone that likes to know the truth, look no further. This documentary will not only cover how bad it is for our health, but it covers the atrocities of the industries most people unwillingly support. Veganism is the only way to stop supporting these animal holocausts. Please share with those you care about. The animals may be voiceless, but we can be their voices from here on out. We can change the world! Wake up!

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