On The Shoulders of Titans...[A Shane 100% Original Composition *Be Gentle (◔◡◔) ✌]

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
09 Jun 2022

⁣⁣On The Shoulders of Titans...
[A Shane 100% Original Composition *Be Gentle (◔◡◔) ✌]

Read Full Article: https://justpaste.it/OnShouldersofTiTANS

⁣⁣The Story of Anonymous You Really Need to Understand
Our freedom movement is perched on the shoulders of Titans... whom we don't even know.

Videos mentioned:
The Story of Aaron Swartz Full Documentary

The Story of the Anonymous Hacktivists Full Documentary Jul 6, 2014 https://youtu.be/bC1ex2zRCYA

A Million Mask March London Documentary Sep 20, 2015

Aaron Swartz, Coder and Activist, Dead at 26

Aaron Swartz: hacker, genius… martyr

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 2 months ago

33 minutes ago

Shane you have a really good Voice for Narration. And your Writing really captured the nature of this tale.
However in my not so humble over inflated opinion, You could redo this with your mic level raised a little bit. The background noise filter clipped your sentences. I had never heard of Arron Schwartz until i watched this.
Thank you for your Inexhaustible Efforts to assist us in these battles for truth.
Peace https://odysee.com/on-the-shou....lders-of-Titans-:c24

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