Old Man Explains How To Beat The Vaccine Mandate EPIC Must Watch

15 Oct 2021

Gotta love these old patriots lol a true freedom fighter.Recently I discovered I was magnetic on my collarbone and chest close to my heart and I haven't had the Fauci Ouchy nor have I taken the convid PCR test so had to be from contaminated food or shedding and I discovered a remedy that took like 5 weeks or so to get rid of it. So I'm sharing this info because I know many people may have the same problem. Even if you're unvaxxed like me I would get a magnet and check your chest forehead and collarbone. What I did was take NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) and natural zeolites from a quality supplier and not the synthetic liquid kind. It really helped me or I wouldn't be sharing this because unlike some people that think its funny to be magnetic I didn't find it funny at all so thank God there are things to help. If you wonder what I'm talking about then this is where I found my zeolite supplier and I take the Royal Detox and Zeolite pure https://zeolitecleanse.com/nano-detox-SB hope this helps and remain vigilant because nobody knows what is contaminated with graphene

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