Ohio Issues #14 Constitutional Carry And Militias

15 Oct 2021

⁣Message for Reps: Pass Constitutional Carry and bring back the militias. Militias would be a good civic organization fostering good citizenship and martial aspects sorely lacking in society. Strong citizens need self discipline and a healthy amount of martial training.

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Civic Orgs:
Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom: https://www.ohioamf.org/
Novaxmandate: https://novaxmandate.org/
Ohio Stands Up: https://www.ohiostandsup.org/
1776 Commission: Your local area
Buckeye Firearms Association: https://www.buckeyefirearms.org/
Gun Owners of America: https://www.gunowners.org/
Look Ahead America (Not 100% about these guys): https://lookaheadamerica.org/

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