Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
11 Jul 2021

Written and produced by O.D.D TV for 'LEVEL' (2021 Documentary Film by Sean Hibbeler. https://www.LEVELTHEFILM.com Watch full film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAeBPskvP4Y&t

My Facebook profile has been banned for good. Automatically, Instagram was a part of that. I think my ODD TV FB page is up but I can't figure out how to get to it.

Verse 01
I remember when I started school, I think I was 5 years old
The teacher pulled out a globe to teach us the earths a globe
I believed what I was told, embracing my education
didn’t know that globes were only created for decoration
Not for scholastic purposes that make people feel purposeless
We’re living on level surfaces covered by the firmament
I remember how absurd it sounded when I first heard of it
But our God is fervent and his word is perfect and permanent
We’re programmed when we’re children, our minds are kept in a prison
This is the work of the devil, the evil plan of a villain
We’re taught to accept how we’re livin’ in these hellish conditions
and everyday we’re unwittingly being hexed by magicians
By Satan’s hand they are drivin’, they’re strictly sent to dismantle
the population, they won’t stop ‘til your soul is stripped from its vessel
they claim your life is an accident and you’re really not special
don’t be afflicted by their fiction, come and get on my level

They say the worlds a globe but the evidence doesn’t cut it
they just give us cartoon pictures and everyone seems to love it
but the earths a level plane, man, whether or not you want it
Take a look and do your research, I bet that you can’t debunk it
23 billion bucks, that’s a hell of a ****in’ budget
just to lie to everyone and successfully fool the public
If you wanna break away from your destiny as a puppet
then research flat earth but don’t be upset when you can’t debunk it

They clearly can’t prove their theories
come and get on my level
somethings fishy these fools are shifty
come and get on my level
they can’t trick me, their lies are silly
come and get on my level
it’s a pity, they treat us shitty
come and get on my level
hurry quickly, we must get busy
come and get on my level
yeah its risky, but just stick with me
come and get on my level
can you hear me, please don’t be dreary
come and get on my level
don’t be whimpy, you people really
need to get on my level

verse 02
O.D.D TV, I’m comin’ with the disruption
with all my flat earth homies on a Hibbeler production
Separate fiction from fact, we’re gonna end the corruption
lettin’ people know the earth is flat, end of discussion
Dave Murphy is your teacher, boy, class is in session
& Eddie Bravo’s in this bitch to teach your asses a lesson
Tanner Stewart’s in the house, he’s gonna show you the ropes
he’s gonna school you on how NASA’s just a joke and a hoax
Let me introduce you to the rest of my posse
We got Johnny Giampapa and Santos Bonacci
We’re at the core of the resistance and we’ll never obey
and there’s my brother from another mother, Eric Dubay
If he debates Neil Degrasse Tyson, he will rip off his head
I’ll rap about it on a beat I made and rip it to shreds
If the earth’s a globe then how come they can’t give an example
their lies are flimsy, it’s a pity, come and get on my level

Written and produced by ODD TV (including music). Narrated by someone that sounds like Morgan Freeman. Or was that him? 🤔 🤣

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anderkyr777 2 months ago

no problem, was curious why they took the video down on this platform so I had to find the actual song. Seems like the video made someone at NASA angry and I love it

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 2 months ago

Nice hes back? thanks

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