Nine Eleven - 2019 Documentary (Banned on YouTube)

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
23 Apr 2021

⁣ [BANNED] Most people agree, on the morning of September 11th, 2001, something just didn't add up. The official story was never proven, by any means, and becomes so ignorant once you research the matter. Well, we have the side of the story that might just prove what actually happened that morning. Watch it all the way through before commenting, Thanks for tuning in! Spread love, not hate! All hail our highest power above, love will win

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BeeBex 1 year ago

These satanic children, all they do is just steal, kill and destroy lives like their father the devil. They have no fear of God in their eyes to CONSIDER human life. Do genocide on your own people to please Satan. In the Bile, those who planned to have Daniel thrown into a den of Lions were thrown into the den instead. They, their wives, and children were thrown into the den. The decision to have that happen came from God.
So we see a generation of people plotting to kill a man of God which is basically GENOCIDE in the waiting wiped off. Because the prayer of Daniel was a problem to them so the target was to get rid of Daniel so when there's no communication between just one human being with God, and the realms of the spirit are void of a prayer opposition, the Satanists would move swiftly and proceed with their genocidal move against humanity at that time.

So look at the scenario here. Bush 1 had a plan and didn't accomplish it. He invaded Iraq. And somehow, his son, Bush 2 came and proceeded with the plan. He also CONTINUED the battle with Iraq. If the children of the evil men who planned to kill Daniel were not wiped off, they would grow up like Bush 2 and do daddy's agenda which is to plan and kill men of God, and I'm referring to the children of those who tried to kill Daniel here. So to stop the GENERATIONAL demons from using someone else in that family, the entire family which includes the wives and the children has to be wiped off otherwise, like a virus, the demons will return and possess the children because daddy's got debt. Indebted to demons.

What am I trying to say here? That the children of all those who pulled off nine eleven be done with like their parents? This is for the wise to ponder. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The word terrorism gained popularity in 2001. By 2019, a video showed up of some youngsters killing and attempting to behead someone bleeding so badly that they've already killed. Looking at the age of these people, some of the small ones looked 17 years old or about that age. Some looked like 30 something. But let's peg all ages at 35. When you subtract 18 from 2019, you get 17 years old. And when you subtract 17 from 2019, you get 2002. This means that some of those terrorists who were killing people, who looked 17 years old weren't born when terrorism gained popularity in 2001.

So here's a question. Would it be wise to abort those terrorists when they were still in the womb or allow them to be born and grow up so they can kill MORE people? Another question. Wouldn't anyone with such a plan to abort babies seen as a devil when unknown to many the babies in those wombs are upcoming terrorists and MURDERERS?
Another question. Do you want to triangulate on the children of genocidal-minded people who have no fear of God in their eyes but proceeded to destroy properties and lives and also murdered some who were casualties of the nine eleven disasters? Or do you want to THINK that doing that is evil and wait until God forbid they morph into another disaster and your heart starts bleeding with regrets that you should've done a number on them when you had the chance?

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BeeBex 1 year ago

Let me tell you people, something. I have been involved in spiritual warfare for YEARS. And I have seen that destroying witchcraft powers is one of the hardest things. It requires that one fast and prays MANY days. The power of God comes strong on the individual and witchcraft powers are destroyed. Fasting is staying without food and water and when you stay without food and water for 24 hours and proceed to do it for many days, your body will suffer immensely and I have been doing it for years. Because many Christian do NOT want to suffer using this protocol, witchcraft is gaining insane control and this is why you see evil spreading wickedly like a virus and seems to be growing regardless of churches. Because only a few people are willing to pay that price of suffering to destroy satanic powers.

So for those of you who may think that triangulating on the generation of genocidal maniacs is not a good option, my question is, are you willing to stay without food and water for at least 7 days and or 14 days or 21 days and suffer so much in your body and mind in order to destroy the satanic powers of the children of people whose parents heartlessly killed the parents and children of others during nine-eleven? I know someone is going to say, well, who said their children are also in satanism? Oh, you think Satan is stupid enough to let a Satanist die without passing satanism to the next generation so he can continue his evil business? Do you think Satan would wait for a Satanist who has children or a child to die WITHOUT passing the evil initiation baton to one or all of his children IF possible in the case of ALL the children so he would still be in the evil business? Or don't any of you know how this works?

Satan knows time flies so quickly and therefore, he has Satanists instructed to initiate new generations so he won't be out of his satanic business of evil and wickedness. This is how things work. So we either choose to triangulate and do the number or choose to fast and pray and suffer greatly just to deliver a Satanist and stop Satanism. This is the conclusion of the matter and it's left for people to choose. But if I'll suggest, I'm willing to keep an eye, a spiritual eye, which is simply paying attention to what God has to say because God speaks all the time and would direct someone towards the right path, to make sure those genocidal demons do not return to possess children of Satanists so we don't end up with another nonsensical spiritual battle to fight again. Its the HARD WAY!

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hend_lew 1 year ago

On that day everything we have been taught concerning physics, math, and science, was thrown out and we were expected to believe the official story. The fact so many people sucked it down as truth has brought us to COVID and the end of mankind as we know it.

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