Next Up Bird Flu, China Locks Down, US Jealous, Fauci Needs More Money & Potatohead Babbles

Aimless News
Aimless News
12 Apr 2022

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Surety Bonds Will Bring These Tyrants Down -

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Sources used in video:

Former CDC director says bird flu is next pandemic -

Scenes from china show what they want here -

Here is how it all should have been handled -

How can they possibly be out of money -

Nothing to see here, china paying off Biden -

Potatohead is gone -

Keystone cops lose, Joy Reid knows why -

Who is this FBI entrapment dude -

Disney and Ghislaine Maxwell and SouthPark -

Hunter had account in child predator metaverse -

Cops play disney music so you can't post video on youtube -

When will we treat this as what it is, mental illness -

Green energy is a con -

Green energy windmill blades piling up -

What could go wrong Australia -

Sir, you've been at the buffet too long -

Steve Inman -

Song - I Hate My Governor -

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