New Variants, Dow Tanks, Terror Attacks, It's All Distractions To Scare & Control You

Aimless News
Aimless News
27 Nov 2021

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Sources used in video:

Great question from Kanekoa the Great -

WHO calls meeting for newest made up variant, and you thought this was gonna end -

Good PR team for new variant -

Pfizer says new vaxx not ready for 100 days -

Fully woke canadian hospital denies 7 year old boy treatment -

Soloman Islands protesters have had it -

It's happening on Martinique also -

Fireman leaves fecal matter on vaxx letter -

Will the marines fold or enforce -

DOW drops 900 points on new variant concerns -

Stand up for yourself and they will back down -

It never ends with these idiots, the vaxx is the problem -

One court in Missouri follows the constitution -

2 minutes of athletes dropping dead, but it's normal -

Don't worry, all these heart attacks are just coincidence -

Idiot fauci says boosters are forever -

Probably nothing, babies dead on arrival -

This is how they blackmail the officials -

Steve Inman -

Song from Susan of Commiefornia -

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Ben Fowler
Ben Fowler 2 months ago

fuckem all , the day wil come when we hang these bastards.

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