Necronomicon/Kitab-Al-Azif Origins - The Real Cursed Lovecraftian Book Of Dead Written By Mad Arab

10 May 2022

In many of his stories, the legendary HP Lovecraft has mentioned Necronomicon - The Book of the Dead; it has also been an indispensable part of the Evil Dead franchise. So, what exactly is the Necronomicon, and how did it come into existence? Well, according to Lovecraft’s pseudo-historical piece of work titled The History of the Necronomicon from 1938, the book came into life when an Arab man from the 8th century began worshipping the ancient gods such as Cthulhu. Naturally, he gained dark knowledge and secrets, which were shared with him by these gods. This Arab man named Abdul Alhazred penned everything down in a book with extremely superior and equally dark supernatural abilities. In due course of time, the book was translated into various languages, and it reached the furthest corners of the globe. However, the book’s content was so horrific, evil, and blasphemous that Pope Gregory IX banned it outright. All copies were destroyed and burned, but it is believed that a few copies of the Necronomicon were kept secret by institutions such as the British Museum.
In this video, will explore the Necronomicon: The Book of the Dead, its origin, powers, and influence on the Evil Dead Franchise.

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