Moving Black Strands On Face Mask - Similar Videos Appearing Daily Now

31 Mar 2021

⁣Pulling The Death Statistics Apart (great article) -

Breaking Down How The PCR Test Doesn't Work For COVID19 -

5 Questions to ask people who are considering the mRNA -

Global Report: There Is NO Deadly Virus -

Link to UK Governments Website confirming the downgrading of Covid19 on 19th March 2020 -

Learn The Risk (Brandy Vaughan) -

The 'Independent' governing body overseeing the Pfizer Vaccine.....funded guessed it -

Rockefeller Operation Lockstep (2010) -

Expose the Great Reset -

Stop New Normal -

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Cygnus001 5 months ago

well, have them tested in a lab or something...idk what that is, could be polymer strands of some sort...those chinese masks or what make are they?

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