MORE Military Vehicles [This time Ready for Urban War]

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
17 Sep 2021

⁣MARTIAL LAW COMING! ⁣MAIN CORE! This was filmed in Sandpoint Idaho

⁣This was filmed in Sandpoint Idaho

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Deneze 1 month ago

for one thing as Canada is also the states Allie guess our military is helping out the US Military as they usually do.. and to round up all the satanists in the states guess our military needed to help out.. the US Military also help us Canadians out by arresting that criminal we have in the PMO.. we are oblidged to help in any our neighbours from the south of us..You need President Trump back in the white house and arrest the phoneys that thinks hes the president..Biden = Arthur Roberts..Fraudulant double biden..the real Biden has been executed..

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