More Info On The Covid 5G Connection And Why You Should Detox Heavy Metals

05 Sep 2021

I am trying to get people to look closer at this issue. If this is true then we are in trouble. It is definitely possible and makes an awful lot of sense that the virus narrative could be a smokescreen for the true killer 5G bio weapon. Also explains the magnetic jabs. I am only sharing this because it deserves further investigation. Another thing worth mentioning is that we need to allprotect ourselves and family by detoxing all heavy metal and nanoparticles. Undoubtedly any metal inside us will amplify the 5G adverse effects. We all are bombarded with these heavy metal toxins. The best natural detox supplement out there in my opinion is natural cliniptololite zeolite which is an amazing gift from nature formed from volcanic lava and ocean water combination. It is a porous(cage-like) structure with a natural negative charge making it act like a magnetic sieve to attract these toxins and trap them to be removed. Plus, it is used to detox radiation toxicity from nuclear disasters.. I find that quite interesting as well. This chelation process takes 5-7 hours. If you wonder where to get a pure quality zeolite product specifically for this purpose check out my personal supplier Also, here is a free ultimate heavy metal and nanoparticle detox guide in pdf form I hope this helps someone. These l inks are affiliate links that I may receive compensation for if you purchase anything at no extra charge of course but I need to be transparent about that. Also my disclaimer is that I am not qualified or licensed to give medical advice. This is only info based on personal experience and educational purposes only. Contact your physician for medical advice. One more thing is that I have other videos talking about zeolite and its safety and effectiveness on my channel to watch. Share this if you find any value to it so we can get ahead of this train because not many people are mentioning the 5G factor here.
I hope this encourages you to do more research

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