Montage of people who have died after getting vaxxed

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
12 May 2021

⁣Mind blowing how people keep lining up for this shit.

Hebbeler Productions 11 Video Playlist

An excellent summary of exactly why and how our medical establishment is so ineffective, bloated and corrupt. Pulled right from The FALL OF THE CABAL
"Learn how Our Medical establishment was taken over and weaponized against us"

Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know | Marian Tupy - Jordan B Peterson Podcast S4 E18
This refutes pretty much every bullshit weapon the DeepState will try to use against us. Helps to knmow its bullshit

Overwhelming evidence that the pandemic is a crime

A comprehensive and very clear overview of dozens of scientific trials and investigative reports that prove how the pandemic is a criminal operation

Killing The Mockingbird - A quick explanation for the newly awakened

A Vital documentary that convinces anyone who is skeptical how corrupt our government is and was, at least all the way back to JFK;
REQUIRED VIEWING: We Have ALWAYS been the terrorists. We invented enemies. Our government is the worlds biggest criminal

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