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⁣Money - Humanity's Biggest Illusion [People Don't See It]

09 Jan 2022

⁣Money - Humanity's Biggest Illusion [People Don't See It]
⁣People Don't See It - Alan Watts on The Illusion of Money And Wealth
The Illusion of MONEY, TIME & EGO - Alan Watts
The Illusion of Money: A Documentary Film
Money: Humanity's Biggest Illusion
What is Money Illusion?
Money illusion, also known as price illusion, is an economic theory that states that individuals usually tend to view their income and wealth in nominal terms, as opposed to real terms.
Money Illusion
The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease
Money is an illusion because it does not create your value. It can be the external result of how connected you are to your true value. I am not rich because I have $X dollars, I am rich in my connection to my authentic self, my passion and value to the world, and as a result I attract $X dollars.
Going directly into our deepest fears and accepting all of ourselves, both light and dark – is the gateway to freedom.
You raise your value by making your time more valuable, by only doing things that expand you beyond today.
Being broke is just a mental concept. Yes you may be in debt and need to pay bills, but money is just one part of abundance. The true source of money – our passion, creativity, connection, and contribution – is the real value we offer the world.
People like Oprah are VALUABLE – which is much more than being rich – if they were to lose money they can recreate wealth again and again and again through being who they are.
Money is one of the biggest excuses we use for not following our highest calling.
Life wants you to grow and learn and connect and love and create and play – it doesn’t care about your bank balance.
Your relationship to money is just a mirror of your relationship to yourself. In fact, you don’t really have a relationship to money; you only have a relationship to your concepts about money.
So if you’re feeling fear around money, what you’re actually feeling is a reflection of the fear and insecurity that is living inside of you; you just happen to be noticing it externally through money. Money isn’t causing or creating your fear; it’s just bringing it to surface.
The exact same fear can exist inside of you no matter how much money you have. You can have fear and stress wh

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