Mind Over Matter Hip Hop Mixture

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
12 Oct 2021

a deep collection of various old and new hip hop artists, tracks & snippets speakn' that mind over matter intellect.. The 9th sequence in the JazzyHipHopSoulVibe series

whew, this one was complicated to concoct.. had literally hundreds of songs to chose from and narrow down for this mix, but what was born through that process has been the expansion of a multitude of projects to come.. themes and titles like duality, mind elevation, the balance of reality and spirituality spawned a lot of concepts to build on..

i've been curious about this mind over matter concept for over 15 years- since highschool and it's funny i finally made this cuz one of my yearbook quotes was "mind over matter," referencing Zion I, Living Legends and even Ice T.. kinda surprised there's not a Zioni track in this mix? me too, but their album, "Mind Over Matter" was monumental for me growing up... there's a few scratches i threw in this mix that i can credit DJ Amp Live for tho..

So what does this phrase "mind over matter" mean exactly? it's quite open to interpretation and one's subjectivity.. my perspectives on this including direct experiences are as follows...

The mentality of higher perspectives that transcend the metaphysical.. making something from nothing.. what are the values you hold over material wants, needs and desires
This term, mind over matter, today makes me think of our consciousness and how its origin is not tied to our physical bodies and brains.. this is now scientifically proven when before it seemed to be just some new age supposition.. quantum physics yo!
The first principle of Natural Law is Mentalism, meaning that anything in creation had to have came from the mind before its manifestation.. so that's mind over matter in a nutshell with this Hermetic natural/universal law principle..

Mind over matter is also akin to how one rises above adversity thru the trials and errors of growing up in life.. does one see their mistakes and misfortunes as learning tools to grow from and mature or does one tend to feel victimized while dis-empowering themselves in the process? which could eventually lead to them repeating the same process until the lesson is learned.. the hard way, like me on many occasions...

seeing and feeling beyond the metaphysical or at least sensing things that are intangible but your intuition tells you there's something there...

The hip hop perspective of mind over matter echoed throughout this soundscape is about not compromising values and authenticity to sign on to corporate labels who make artists conform to their ways which is all too often quite superficial.. parallel that to any person living day to day in this corporate society.. Stay true to yourself- your TRUE self ;)

So, back to the music.. this mix has no french songs or real acid jazz/soul cuts, which was part of the formula of this JazzyHipHopSoulVibes (JHHSV) series of conscious music mixes..
Strictly Hip Hop in this one, but plenty of truth vibes and mind relaxing melodies from this musical mixologist.. Enjoy!


Wha'is The World Coming To - DJ Hen Boogie with Karen Gibson-Roc x Crown City Rockers (Fate)
Mind Over Matter + instrumental with dub over - Pete Rock & InI
The Awakening - Style Misia
Mind Over Matter - K-Otix
Mind Over Matter (Two Track Mix) - Tuff Crew ft. EMCee Mechanism
Mind Over Matter remix - Ice T
Mind Over Matter - Grouch & Eligh ft Luckyiam
Elevator Music - Asheru & Blue Black
Elavation (101 North) - Moonrocks
Le soleil est près de moi - Air (Dan the Automator remix)
Minka Red - Hyperventilate
The Promise - Variable Unit with Azeem
Q.R. - Source of Labor ft. N. Shazier on vox, Cecil Young on trumpet
Déjà Vu - Brotherz Grimm
Mind Over Matter - Ackumen ft June Marx
Sense-Ability - El*A*Kwents
Alchemy (snippet) - Darkleaf
To the Turn of the Earth - Global Phlowtations with DJ E.S.P. on turntables
Consciousness - K-Rino, Joe The Butcher, Notty Prod. by Dj Kru (The Conscious Army)
System Of Ignorance (S.O.I) - The Mystics
Metaforenzics (snippet) - Top.R
Physical Form (snippet) - Freestyle Fellowship
Swan Lake (snippet) - Blackalicious
Rebuild Acapella verse - ???? from some underground cdr compilation
Invisible Formation - Funsho
Guarantees (snippet) - Atmosphere
Sink Into The Frame Of The Portrait - Dream Warriors
Like You Never - Ty
Neva (snippet) - Kubiq
Invisible - Moka Only
Blevations (snippet) - Top.R
Relax - Sharpshooters
Blindsided - Kozmonautz
Miles - Audiopharmacy
On This I Stand - Eyedea & Abilities
"élasticrelation§" - Oddities
On The Air - The Nonce
Cycles Of The Mind - Double Life ft. L*Roneous
Mind Over Matter - Professor P & DJ Akilles

-D Rok aka AwakenYaMind
Broadcasting from a beacon of light in the south of france

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