30 Jun 2022


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dean caldwell
dean caldwell 27 days ago

Here is a question to all the people on the left that believe they are so smart, that Biden is POTUS and doing a good job. Lastly about the death jab. By now if you can not see the covid-19 vaccs is the bio-weapon, not covid or if you still say all of the sudden death across the board, across the world, is not the covis vaccs, you are already dead!! people what do you believe will happen in the USA once the death jab starts to affect those who were mandated to take it? If you remember it was all first responders and the military!!! In one year from now, with at least one-third dying off, 1/3 of all cops, 1/3 of all EMT'S, 1/3 of all firefighters, 1/3 of all doctors, 1/3 of all nurses, 1/3 of all lab techs, 1/3 of all pharmacists and worst of all 1/3 of all military in all branches who were the first to be mandated. whats the result??? CHINA WILL WALK RIGHT IN!!! WAKE UP, CHINA NEEDS OUR LAND TO FEED ITS COWARD, BABY RAPING, DOG FUCKING, LIARS, THIEVES, LAZY, EVIL, DEMONIC POPULATION!!!! NOW YOU KNOW WHY THEY REALLY WANT OUR GUNS AND WHY CRIMINAL JOE BIDEN IS SELLING OUR OIL RESERVES TO CHINA!!! THAT ALONE WILL CRIPPLE THE MILITARY!!!!

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