Mike Pence is a Deep State pedophile

24 Feb 2021

Mike Pence is a Deep State Pedophile.
⁣Was Tory Smith murdered for exposing then Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his wife Karen for their involvement in child trafficking, rape and murder? On June 2nd, 2016 Tory uploaded a video titled “Mike Pence has raped 186 children.” He was then struck down with poison and for several weeks no one heard from him. On July 13 he uploaded his last video, “Will this be my last video.” He died on July 20th, 2016. Tory Smith did what no one has ever done, he pulled back the veil of child trafficking naming names, agencies, politicians, military officials, bases, Milabs, everything and everyone he knew to be involved in child trafficking. The White House, Congress, Pentagon, Military, Air Force, SOCOM, AFRICOM, NORTHCOM, FBI, CIA, NSA, DARPA, Obama’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, Pence’s… . Was he killed because he was revealing to much or was it because then Indiana Governor Mike Pence had his eyes on being tapped to become the Vice President of the United States? As a resident of Indiana, he spent a lot of time exposing the corruption there. Thank you for service Tory Smith.

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CatherineBH 6 days ago

How sick these people are. Mike Pence with his quiet demeanor, is as sick as Hillary, Bush’s & Obamas. They all sick & it’s everywhere. So glad someone is keeping his videos alive, for others to know the Truth. Sadly still too many blind ???that refuse to believe , they are totally blind to the truth & the evil,
Save the Children

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DJA12 25 days ago

I believe PedoPENCE is burning in hell now. Thanks, Tory.

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Lynn64 2 months ago

Who is putting these videos out if Tory Smith is dead? Dear God ....please help the children. I’d rather be dead than not being able to do anything about this horrific information!

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Aussie_Patriot 2 months ago

So sad.. I was a child that was sexually abused repeatedly also, and nothing happened to them either, they didn't even see a cell. What I went through is nothing compared to this man its such a terrible thing with all the abuse he got as a child, snd he still stood up and outed the lot of the bastards involved, so sad still that they managed to kill him anyway with all the trauma of what life gave him, he was more than likely looking over his shoulder most of his life, So so sad. MAY YOU WALK IN GODS DIVINE LOVE AND TRUTH, MY GOD LOOK AFTER YOUR SOUL Tory, thankyou for your Truth , it cost you dearly.

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zippinger 2 months ago

This is despicable!

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