⁣⁣Mike Lindell Releases "Absolutely 9-0"

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
08 Jun 2021

⁣⁣Mike Lindell Releases "Absolutely 9-0"

35 minutes ago problem here is that Mr. Lindell doesn't know hardly anything about the legal process. How did this guy make hundreds of millions of dollars? First, you don't go to the Supreme Court first. It starts at the district court level. He needs to get an attorney in his video that can explain the process and the first thing the attorney needs to do is to explain who recorded this information and how it was recorded. He needs to explain how it came into his hands and the rest of the chain of custody if it didn't come directly from the recorder. Minimally, he needs to go through a line of this data and explain what each column is. As it is right now, he just throws up a bunch of numbers with a shadowy figure who doesn't explain who he is or why he is an expert other than some vague "he's been doing this for 20 years." If this information is so reliable, then some expert should be able to openly identify himself and explain it. I've seen cyber experts openly identify themselves on election fraud issue. If nothing else, hire their services. Lindell should not be paying a shadowing figure to advise him who doesn't have enough courage to be identified.

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WconnerW 2 months ago

Mike Lindell Underestimates the corruption in the SCOTUS.

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