Michael Jackson Entering Neverland (Hibbeler Productions 2019 Documentary)

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
23 Apr 2021

⁣The rebuttal to "Leaving Neverland" and exposing the TRUTH about Michael Jackson. Entering Neverland will cover who the King really is, why the media lies about him, and the lies Wade Robson & James Safechuck are telling. This is what they don't want you to see!

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The truth in PLANE sight (2018 Documentary)

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8 Michael Jackson Entering Neverland (Hibbeler Productions 2019 Documentary)

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DeeTrustworthy 6 months ago

The media is the the enemy of human kind

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BeeBex 6 months ago

When Michael Jackson was declared dead, I was sad and kept asking God why he had to let Michael Jackson die. And then one day I had a dream and saw Michael in a DARK PIT. And Michael was crying bitterly like a baby and Michael said," Oh .., people are WICKED ". I can't remember if he said, " OH LORD or OH NO " before saying people are wicked. And when I woke up, I THOUGHT that the doctor killed him.

Over the years I have always thought that he died and went to hell because a link was sent to me of Angelica Zambrano who claimed to have been to hell and saw Michael Jackson in hell and Pope John Paul II. And that Michael Jackson went to hell because he was a Satanist. And every time I think about Michael Jackson and how such a nice person in my opinion ended up in hell, I didn't feel good about it. But with rumors he's still alive, I hope it's true because I wouldn't want MJ going to hell at all.

But if I have to get to this Michael Jackson accuser, I'll say that he LOOKS EVIL. The two accusers look evil but the one called Wade looks devilish. A shameless lying and extremely evil and WICKED soul. Who knows if he's one of those deep state demonic clones. These creatures are everywhere. How can one live off Michael Jackson and become famous and afterwards turn against him after saying he never molested you but when he was declared dead, you felt it was time to burrow into his money by lying that he sexually molested you?

The only way Michael Jackson will do evil is IF he was indeed a Satanist and was compelled to do so otherwise, it's not in him to be evil. A singer and a performer like Jackson who MAKES people HAPPY will not want to stain himself with such filth of sexually molesting someone. These types of things are not associated with singers. Only devilish people do such things and I don't think MJ was into such. Maybe I'm wrong but whatever this is, only God knows the truth. But I'm still maintaining that the guy Wade is an extremely evil fellow and it's all over his face.

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hend_lew 6 months ago

Michael was murdered by his family as a sacrifice to Luther.

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