Message From John Durham, Special Counsel Prosecutor

My Americana
My Americana
02 Oct 2021

Published On Oct 1, 2021 Let’s take a closer look at the video above, from a Gematria point of view:

James whitey......October 2nd

Mickey mouse........ punishment

Scotch.......bill gates, Barack Obama

Venmo account.....take the red pill

Pay the bills.....Joe Biden, judgement day, countdown.

Charity organization....the white house, everything is a lie.

Free Brittany campaign....the storm is coming, it's time to wake up. Palma, ISIS, Nasdaq

Things are ready to go down...JFK JR Alive

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Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors 2 months ago

so we find out that this guy is an actor - supposed to be a joke... truth dressed up as lies maybe?

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RoxyTube 2 months ago


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Blustar 1 month ago

I'm trying to figure out if Roxy is a parody platform, an onion platform or people with wishful thinking??

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Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors 1 month ago

@Blustar: explain pls ;-p

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