Media Says Cannabis The Reason Athletes Are Dropping Dead & Planned-Opolis Is Your Future

Aimless News
Aimless News
15 Nov 2021

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Sources used in video:

Planned-Opolis, your dystopian nightmare of the future -

Search -

Sure, all these athletes are dying from cannabis use -

Here are some of the people they want you to believe are dying from cannabis disorder -

Twisting into a pretzel to convince you to get jabbed, heart attacks are a good thing -

Bidens vaxx mandate gets smacked down -

When will someone take fauci out -

Oklahoma national guard defies pentagon, won't mandate the jabb -

At this point, it's an IQ test -

Just a reminder about vitamin D -

Only Sweden got it right -

Bidens Treasury nominee wants the Feds to run your bank account -

More liberal hypocrisy -

No alcohol for unvaxxed Russians -

Rittenhouse using loophole of a 'trial' to get off -

Slam dunk -

Steve Inman -

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