Mechagodzilla 2021 vs. Jaegers vs. Godzilla 2021

19 Jan 2022

Battle Of Mechs/Mechagodzilla VS Jaegers VS Godzilla/Full Animation
A new Mechagodzilla prototype goes on a rampage after being compromised by an unknown titan and Apex must use all their forces to stop it before causing even more trouble on a much larger scale.

Thank you everyone for watching, this was probably the longest animation I've ever worked on and also the first one where I brought real voices for the human characters. You might recognize some of them.
Shoutout to these great people involved in this project:
Gabester :
If someone wants to sponsor me or this channel(maybe Ark Shadow Legends)contact me here:

Also thank you Gabester for providing some custom roars for the Mechagodzilla prototype!
Credits to Type2diabetes on Instagram for the Mechagodzilla prototype model
Credits to tetTris11 for the Godzilla model
Credits to Scryeproductions for some of the music

For anyone who wants to support me and my channel I made a Patreon page I hope the link works
#godzilla #mechagodzilla #monsterverse #jaegers #pacificrim #vs #fullfilm #horror #methlokaijufan97
#viral #ad #shortfilm #4k #fullanimation

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