Massive Vaxx Death Cover-up, OSHA & CDC Make Policy Now & Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

Aimless News
Aimless News
02 Oct 2021

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Sources used in video:

OSHA and CDC switch roles -

Country by country death toll before and after vaxx -

Tell me liberalism isn't a mental disorder -

New South Wales tyrannt resigns -

or -

Vaccine Death Report -

More shenanigans from the FDA -

This jackass is 'surprised' that illegals are crossing the border infected -

Speaking of the border, border agents to be fired but illegals don't have to be vaxxed -

Another idiot who cussed out pure bloods dies 2 weeks after 3rd shot -

Another one gone due to 'cancer' -

This guy sounds the alarm about cancer rates skyrocketing after vaxx -

Don't give cops pension without vaxx, it's always crazed leftists -

Did you really think they were gonna back off, Canada can seize your shit -

Being an **** runs in the family I guess, Fredo Cuomo -

State of Washington quarantine camps -

What happened in 1971, that's easy the dollar went off gold -

Interesting, Space Force takes over some Army and Navy communications -

Dominion whistleblowers -

Steve Inman -

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