Mark Steyn criticises Sian Jones slap down of Christopher Chope

01 Jun 2022

⁣Mark Steyn criticises Sian Jones' 'slap down'
of Christopher Chope's vaccine death comments (09:29)

Original Source:-

Obviously our own new media
channels are filled with the brave, the truthful, the honest and the 'dynamic'
investigators. It's rare as hens teeth however, to hear a journalist covering
anything negative about these jabs on legacy media.

Mark Steyn has bravely been
putting his own journalistic head above the parapet, doing his own analysis,
interviewing real people who have and are suffering.

Here he challenges the latest
efforts by media to minimise Sir Christopher's work by suggesting a 'numbers
analyst' (fact checking lemming) is more correct than he.

to Sir Christophers response to the fact checkers:-

There is a new petition that is getting close the 100,000
signatures needed to force a debate in parliament.

Please sign and share the petition to demand a full
investigation into the safety of the vaccines.




(Article 1).

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and

Articles 1 ---30

To save all our rights we have to fight for ourselves and
others until they awaken and join us.

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mRNA, Jabs In Perpetuity, No To WHO

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