Maritime admiralty constructive contract and racketeering fraud kangaroo courts. Episode 23

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
02 Apr 2021

On this video John Leckrone discusses some of the things you need to know when dealing with what John refers to as the BAR mafia. John discusses the cestui que vie trust, trust law, maritime law, law of the land and contract law. He also explains what rights are and what the difference between a complaint an a claim is.

If you do not know what is taking place in these maritime admiralty constructive contract and racketeering fraud kangaroo courts you will not be able to properly defend yourself from these privateers in the business of extortion and racketeering. The criminal conspiracy is so large and prevalent that it has infested itself into the entire structure of our society.

The Blue and BAR mafia are a parasitic class stealing and enslaving the rest of us for unjust enrichment. Using a foreign language called legalese the members of this private dues paying club create contracts and use the fraudulent conveyance of language, threats and duress to impose fraudulent contracts upon people every day for profit.

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