Many Doctors & Pharma Are Incompetent Psychopaths & Are Perpetuating The Crime Of The Centur

Aimless News
Aimless News
28 May 2021

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Sources used in video:

What is sm-102 -

Luciferase can make mice glow -

Blood samples after vaxx -

Why are people so stupid - 1:57-2:35

More teens with heart trouble -

Hospital cases over counted by almost half -

$3 billion more on vaccine "hesitency" -

Fauci lies again, admits he funded wuhan -

Fucking lying fauci - - watch Rand Paul video excess spending

Now he says they had to -

Fire and arrest fauci now -

Potatohead admits it came from lab -

Lying resident potatohead has to admit it -

What an idiot and the media sucks -

Uh oh, declass on virus coming -

Media beclowns itself -

Turning up the heat on Potatohead -

Potatoheads son -

Who saw that coming -

Meanwhile in Mexico -

There is no racism -

DeSantis roasts NY -

Steve Inman -

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