Maid Finds Cache Of Weapons - Did She Stop Next FBI False Flag Shooting? Probably

Aimless News
Aimless News
13 Jul 2021

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Sources used in video:

Denver maid prevents false flag shooting -

Capitol police opened doors and let people in, stop the charade -

Door knocking script, these people are stupid - - Watch out for false flag attacks

DHS coming for the unvaxxed -

Whacko chinese quack says life should be hard for unvaxxed -

Israel set for third shot -

Coming to US soon, Pfizer meets with feds -

Here is why I don't trust crypto -

DOJ lies about lego set -

Arizona candidate Mark Kelly being exposed -

Rainbow dildo butt monkey wants kids to read -

Piece of shit mom lets son throw flag on ground -

Rural Americans head out in search of photo copier -

Self driving cars having problems -

Steve Inman -

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pearsch 2 months ago

(6:00) DHS Training Program Prepares for Rural Lockdowns, Mass Public Quarantines against the Unvaccinated. 'Voluntary' huh? The BIG Lie!

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