Mahmoud Abbas | The biggest loser in Israel-Gaza escalation

Watch Out
Watch Out
30 May 2021

⁣During the first four months of this year, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas took center stage thanks to his decision to hold new elections.
Abbas remained in the spotlight even after his controversial decision in late April to postpone them, under the pretext that Israel had failed to respond to the Palestinians’ request to allow voting to take place in Jerusalem.
⁣In the past few weeks, however, Abbas has lost the attention of the Palestinians and many in the international community, who no longer see him as a relevant player in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
By blaming Israel for “obstructing” the Palestinian elections, Abbas undoubtedly contributed to the eruption of the clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli police in Jerusalem at the beginning of Ramadan.
⁣But the protests on Jerusalem’s streets and at al-Aqsa Mosque compound were hijacked from day one by Hamas and anti-Abbas activists. The protesters have since directed their anger not only toward Israel, but against Abbas too.

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