Magnets Pull Mystery (NANO) Particles Through People's Skin⁣Magnets Pull Mystery (NANO?) Partic

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
24 May 2021

⁣Magnets Pull Mystery (NANO?) Particles Through People's Skin?

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511winter 8 months ago

use that to light a bulb

its transhumanism like mark zuckerbeeg

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berrywine33 8 months ago

Go get another shot dumb ass lol

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Michellea 8 months ago

It keeps making me watch this really annoying spanish like kid cartoon. If you try to skip it wont allow. Wants you to donate so you have to watch the ad.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 8 months ago

HUH... is there an advertisement or something? I never see adds because i did donate so i am not sure what is going on there. We should ask steve

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Taurus03 8 months ago

@Shane St Pierre: I've seen the same thing on different videos from your channel as well. One has a bird box preview.

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