Looking into the lives of 81 people who took Covid Vaccine

23 Apr 2021

⁣Looking into the lives of 81 people who took the jab with Dana Ashlie. Truth about covid "vaccine" and its death rates. Some side effects may include neurological disorders, stroke, heart attack, blood clots, severe vomiting, severe headaches, disorientation, liver failure, organ failure, massive drop in blood platelets and death.

Dana Ashlie did a phenominal job, as always, in spreading awareness

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AndyR 4 months ago

The whole problem is the media. They are not telling anything about these deaths because they are controlled by the satanic Marxist-globalists. Their intention is to reduce the world population down to only 500 million people. This is clearly stated in their Illuminati monument "Georgia Guidestones". Check by yourself the writings on this monument, and who is behind it. Check also some of conferences recorded on video where Bill Gates clearly stated some years ago that "it is desirable to control the world population by means of vaccinations". The evidence is very clear. This is GENOCIDE BEING COMMITTED BY THE "ELITE" IN DAVOS. They want a small population so they can have 100% fascist control over the people. People who believe that this is a "conspiracy theory" are nothing than dumb and brainwashed. I feel no sorry for those who have been informed about these killer vaccines, but still decide to take the jab. Sorry, but it is their ignorance and stupidity that kills them.

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