Lofi Underground 4-Track Conscious Hip Hop Compilation ((432Hz))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
25 Apr 2022

Some more of that Hermetically Sealed Natural Law feel.. We're going back to the basics with this one, tracing thru old tracks that were made using old skool beat machines, home studio recordings, and all that independently made goodness. Much love to them cats during those days of being completely unknown on the streets trying to sell their music without professional production or distribution, writing their lyrics, making their own beats or not, making their own album cover art, etc..

This mix is simply about highlighting some above average conscious hip hop tracks with that humble 4-track feel.. i can't say for certain that all these songs were made on a 4track, but they all seem to sound like they are.

I have an infatuation with this style/era of hip hop. i still have dozens of underground tapes boxed up at my folks' house in the Bay Area, which is where i'm from originally.. moved out to France 10 years ago and music was one of my best friends during a very transitional and isolated period. where i'm from should make it clear as to why i have certain song selection tendencies. this mix could almost be titled "west coast underground..." much love to the east coast underground despite only scratching my headphones on the surface of that coastal subterranean side.. Despite this east/west dialectic or division that isn't even necessary to always distinguish, there's classic material all over the map, but a lot is still widely unknown, out of print and more or less forgotten in the underground catacombs of yesteryears' slept on artists.


Mysteries Extinction - Mysteries Extinction
The View - Bay Area Art Collective
Plant The Flag - Hypnotic ft. Eclipse 427, Bas 1, Kemetic Suns & Aspect Ratio
The Happy Dandelion - Anacron
Mind Examination - Diverse
Triple Stage of Consciousness - Bicasso
Elements - US Pros
Black Dot - Darkleaf
Knot Tight - For The Moment
Toward The Light - Sundiate, Jeremy, Pasha
Could This Be The End? - ??
Legendary Teachings & Tall Tales - Ultraman
No Excuses - Secluded Journalists
Catch That Light - Asop ft. Eligh
Blind Individuals - Emanon
Def Dumb & Blind - Subdivision
Never Break Us - Mystik Journeymen
Latitude & Longitude - Disflex 6 feat Ehnertia
Recognize The Fact - Daysmen Empire
Focus - Adlib
?? Instrumental - EVS x MAnly P Hall
Exactly (snippet) - Boac
Outro - Esoin


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