⁣Local FOX Reporter Exposes Media Cover Up Of Hydroxychloroquine

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
18 Jun 2021

⁣Local FOX Reporter Exposes Media Cover Up Of Hydroxychloroquine

Owen is joined by Ivory Hecker, a local FOX reporter, who decided to expose what she wasn't allowed to report on about COVID treatments

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Zordana 3 months ago

They have to debunk all other cures otherwise they cannot use EUA and they know it then this whole deadly charade will be over. Once there is an alternative, they don't get permission for a vaccine or gene therapy as i prefer to call it.
Why do you think the two HCQ factories were blown up...think about it?
They have to be held accountable NOW before many more die needlessly.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 3 months ago

nailed it

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