Let's Review Dr. James Giordano's: "The Brain Is The Battlefield Of The Future"

Helio Wave
Helio Wave
02 May 2022

Tonight, let's review Dr. James Giordano's 2018 Presentation Entitled "The Brain Is The Battlefield Of The Future"Many may have seen Dr. James Giordano’s 2018 presentation “The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future” however, if you haven’t, you are in luck, that is what we are taking a look at tonight.So, there will be, of course, those who would consider any talk of “brain/mind control/nanotechnology” as a ridiculous conspiracy theory that has no basis in reality.Yet Dr. James Giordano has based his entire career on this endeavor, and is a very real agenda of some of the most prominent government and research organizations worldwide.Dr. Giordano’s lecture encompasses a wide range of extremely important and mind-boggling (no pun intended) information.

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