Kyle Not Guilty, FDA Knew Of Problems And Still Authorized Vaxx & Don't Get Jabbed Until 20

Aimless News
Aimless News
21 Nov 2021

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Sources used in video:

Millions coming to Kyle because of this -

Babylon Bee never lets us down -

Good thread exposing the lies of the media -

Klaus Schwab now wants to head up the 'Great Narrative' -

Biden shuts down oil production, then sells reserves -

Jason and Governman -

The next rise in deaths from vaxxidents -

FDA knew in October 2020 there would be problems -

FDA provides first 91 pages of research, 26,000 nervous disorders in 2 1/2 months -

Africa, very low vaxx rates and no covid -

I agree with Mike Adams on the smallpox bioweapon -

This is how you have to attack these idiots, teen sues school for suspending him over 2 genders -

NBC says you're not qualified to participate in your childs schooling -

Why did Baldwin fire the gun - https://resistthemainstream.or....g/script-supervisor-

Enes Kanter gives a big F you to Lebron -

NFL player accused of using fake vaxx card -

Freedom Toons -

Sad Little Man -

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