01 Oct 2021

Kreia was once a Jedi master, a mystic and historian whose unused eyesight waned as she relied on marathon meditations to penetrate the mysteries of the universe. This video focuses on the known story of Kreia, built around the most critical points in her existence, collected from various sources, primarily from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, and various texts, scriptures, articles, game descriptions, manuals, guidelines, and holocrons.

Kreia is a controversial individual in the Star Wars universe, in that she is one of the few characters that veer away from either of the extremes of the Force. Is Kreia a Jedi or a Sith? Unlike either of those, Kreia views the Force as a dominator which enslaves us all. And that is what makes her teachings so controversial. Kreia's teachings are very polarizing, and most of them are not covered in this video, for, in order for this to truly be a complete story, it would be several hours long.

The character of Kreia/Darth Traya is one of the characters I value most, not only in the Star Wars universe, but in general. When it comes to Star Wars, I would argue that Kreia is easily the best-written character of all, for she doesn't fall into fixed patterns generated by the canon storyline. She carves her own path, and to me personally, it always felt forceful the way the universe worked in the general Star Wars universe, where killing someone who has done something evil would somehow punish us. It is a ridiculous thing, in my opinion, for sometimes such methods are justified. The Force, and life in general (outside of the games) cares little about our individual ethics. And sometimes, not always, harsh and brutal actions are a means to an appropriate end. Kreia is not at all phased by the struggle of falling to the dark side or ensuring to stay on the path to the light. She walks reality, and all choices shape the path ahead. The path has many directions, but those directions unlock only once an appropriate viewpoint is established can one see them. The Jedi and the Sith are blinded to these paths by their beliefs, and the Light/Dark viewpoint is far too simplistic to grasp reality.

"And to think once there were no Jedi at all. Perhaps the Force defies such rigid classification of its followers." - Kreia

The teachings found in the video above are the most critical ones. For more, I would highly encourage you to venture into the world of the game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords (SWKOTOR I is focused more on Revan, so if you wish to explore that story too, begin there!)

0:00 Introduction
01:53 Chapter I - Revan
12:49 Chapter II - Kreia
17:50 Chapter III - Kreia's Fall
25:01 Chapter IV - The Exile
45:21 Chapter V - Atris I
53:40 Chapter VI - Becoming the Master
1:03:38 Chapter VII - The Blinded Seer
1:15:32 Chapter VIII - The Path to Nihilus
1:22:10 Chapter IX - Revenge: Jedi Council
1:35:35 Tobin's Report
1:36:44 Chapter X - Atris - Part II
1:50:14 Chapter XI - Revenge: Darth Nihilus
2:01:57 Chapter XII - The Master Returns
2:13:55 Chapter XIII - Darth Sion
2:17:53 Chapter XIV - Darth Traya
2:26:17 Final Chapter - Exile's Gift
2:35:59 The End

This is a shortened link (in case the one above is cut off by the description trim)

- Video of Bastila by the Jedi Temple by Unreal Cinema.

Dark Sorrowful Cello "Soul's Departure" Royalty Free Music by Darren Curtis.
Voss - Mysteries -
Trayus Academy -
Kreia -
Kreia's Fall -
The Sith Lords -
The Ghost Ship -
Restoration Zone -
Atris -
Laigrek Infestation -
Ruins of the Jedi Enclave -
The Ebon Hawk -
Darth Sion -

Darth Nihilus, The Lord of Hunger

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