Kotor II: HK-47 finds the HK Factory

17 Sep 2021

[All these various Star Wars videos that I import, hold a very near & dear close relationship fascination with myself on a deep personal level. Stemming in part to the fact that I had spent a existing VERY LARGE CHUNK of ny life "making video game full movies, yes JUST LIKE THE ONES YOU CAN NOW FIND SCATTERED ALL THRU OUT YOUTUBE. Except for 1 MAJORLY HUGE DIFFERENCE, all of MY video game full movies I had painstakingly recorded were made back on V/H/S 8hr long tapes!! This was LONG BEFORE YOUTUBE was ever even a dreamed up as an idea & than made into reality for all the world to share with each other! Like I used to record Sega Genesis video games, and original Xbox & original Playstation & N64 video games & make my own home movies to showcase to my father, who was the one who helped nurther my personal deep rooted love & passion by recording all the story mode campaigns for a bunch of CLASSIC video game titles that I'm 100% positive any "Video Game Aficionados" will surely recognize upon hearing/seeing the covers of the games manuels you will see here soon after I finish making a video recording of ALL MY TROPHIES/LIFES WORK! ; )

So in a quite hilarious way of looking back...I guess nobody would be wrong to assume calling/thinking of me as "The Godfather of Video Game Full Movies Videos" lmfao!!

Anyway.. as I digress..on with the bada$$ content restored thanks to Mods!] ; )
This is from the video game Knights of the Old Republic II.

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