Killing The Mockingbird

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
14 Apr 2021

⁣MockingBird is COMING DOWN!

MSM Media Lies - Project Mockingbird (CIA confirmed operation) ⁣


Media Mind Control

Journalist Dr Udo Ulfkotte confesses all Journalists paid to spread propaganda & manipulate the public

Journalist Who Exposed CIA Fake Stories Gets Suicided

⁣ Operation Mockingbird⁣
False News is Dividing Our Country, and the singular reason this is happening is because of: Operation Mockingbird. The people who don't know this are in danger of becoming to brainwashed as to be tricked into violence against patriots.

Solution: Worldwide Disclosure. The only way we can change this is if we convince the half of our Nation who's only information comes from sources controlled by our corrupt CIA, who is in fact enslaved to the

CABAL/Globalists/NewWorldOrder, that they are in fact brainwashed. Of course this is not easy, as the meme goes "It is much harder to fool someone than to convince someone they have been fooled".

This video is a nice, convincing series of videos that really should convince anyone who is willing to look

False News is Dividing Our Country – Operation Mockingbird
Source: ⁣


⁣Mockingbird Media

⁣Full video - MSM Media Lies - Project Mockingbird (CIA confirmed operation) Mockingbird: ⁣⁣
Download: ⁣⁣$/download/....project-mk-brd/a4792

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