Karens and Darens Get Put In Check At Health Department

chris brandt
chris brandt
10 Apr 2022

⁣Recorded on 2/1/22 with @rogue nation at the health department in Florence, South Carolina. For some reason people want to use HIPPA to deprive citizens of their right without having any knowledge of either. Shame on these people for violating our rights but good on the cops for respecting our rights.

1. End "Broken Windows" Policing
2. Community Oversight Boards
3. Limit "Use Of Force"
4. Independently Investigate &
Prosecute Cops Who Commit Crimes
5. Community Representation
6. Body Cameras & Recording Police
7. Redo Training With Emphasis On De-Escalation
8. End For-Profit Policing
9. Demilitarize Police
10. Fair Police Union Contracts
11. End The War On Drugs Legalize & Tax
12. Free All Non-Violent Drug Offenders

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